Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser


Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

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Enjoy blissful relaxation with our Simply Organic Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser. Made with artisanal ceramic, its delicate matte stone design and quiet diffusion transforms any space into a relaxing haven.

The water reservoir is made with BPA-free, non-toxic plastic, allowing you to create the ultimate beauty and wellness experience.

Size: 120ml reservoir

Color: White

Dimension: 86 x 6 x 179mm

  • • Matte Stone Cover made of durable artisanal ceramic.
  • • Seamless and stylish design that stands out wherever it's placed.
  • • Non-toxic materials make up the water reservoir and lid, composed of BPA-free plastic.
  • • Timed Setting enables diffuser to automatically turn off when water depletes, saving electricity.
  • • Ultrasonic Technology ensures you get the cleanest and purest air-stream for your space.
  • • Quiet diffusion makes for a relaxing ambiance.
  • • Diffuser cover made from 100% stone
  • • BPA Plastic-free reservoir
Remove Ceramic Cover and fill. Water Reservoir with water to fill line. Add up to 20 drops of your preferred Simply Organic pure essential oils. Replace lid, aligning the hole in the Ceramic Cover with the spout. Press the Power Button and enjoy! Be sure to rinse, wipe down and air-dry when not in use.

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