Hair Accessories

26 products

    26 products
    Verso Comb
    Quick Dry Hair Turban
    Pink Cutting Comb
    The Detangler Brush
    Pink Metal Tail Comb
    Black Blonde Checker Blue Checker Bright Pink +5
    Midi Heirloom Claw
    Areté Standard Color Brush
    Ash Blonde Tortoise Black Blonde Checker Classic Checker +2
    Mini Claw
    The Paddle Brush
    Blonde Checker Bright Pink Classic Checker Cream Dot Checker +2
    Twin Heirloom Claws
    Areté Control Color Brush
    Blonde Checker Classic Checker Cream Dot Checker Marbled Orchid +1
    Grande Heirloom Claw
    Gold Glitter Claw Clip
    Blonde Tortoise Cream Dot Jadeite
    No. 1 Comb
    Alabaster Terrazzo Pistachio Blonde Tortoise
    Everyday Detangling Hair Brush
    Sold Out
    Tokyo Checker Mango Tortoise Naples Yellow
    No. 2 Comb
    Alabaster Pistachio Terrazzo Blonde Tortoise
    Everyday Hair Brush
    Volcanic Comb
    Cream Dot Classic Tortoise
    No. 3 Comb
    Sold Out
    No. 4 Comb
    Cognac Cream Dot Tokyo Checker
    Jumbo Box Clip
    Sold Out
    Midi Wavy French Hair Pin
    Alabaster Blonde Tortoise Terrazzo
    Petite Travel Detangling Hair Brush
    Light Blue Malachite Bright Green
    Jumbo Oval Clip
    Sold Out
    Petite Travel Hair Brush
    Grande Hair Brush