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Jenn Jones

My business has grown exponentially since Simply Organic entered the picture. I am able to create beautiful, wearable, on-trend hairstyles without the traditional risk to my clients health. My clients appreciate my commitment to research and education. And because of that I'm able to offer them something they can't get anywhere else.

Jennifer Andrews

The opportunity I've had with Simply Organic Beauty has greatly increased my business in both financial revenue, as well as strategically placed my business as the number one holistic wellness spa and salon in my city. I believe much of this award goes to the high integrity of the products we use. The quality of products far exceeded the past products of choice. I feel this has a lot to do with the strict anti-diversion of their brands and commitment to us, the beauty professionals and business owners.

Kaila Ward

Simply Organic Beauty has given me the chance to carry the chemically cleaner color and product line I've been searching for. It's also connected me with an amazing community of holistic stylists with the same values, and helped grow my business by giving me the opportunity to offer my clients a truly natural salon experience. Being a part of Simply Organic's tribe keeps me inspired, motivated and educated about all things hair and the beloved Oway.

Suzannah Bellman

Thanks to Simply Organic's commitment to clean and ethically sound products I have been able to provide an extremely healthy and non-toxic approach to all parts of my clients' experience during their visits to the salon. Simply Organic helps cut out the guess work. It's pretty much a dream come true to be creative while being a part of a holistic salon movement.

Maureen Fox-Meyer

Simply Organic has been great for my business because I know they stand behind their products and my salon. The support staff are there to answer questions, and they are so great at helping with any questions or orders. The Oway products have drawn a lot of great attention and all our clients and stylists love it! The transparent and ethical way they do business is what really impresses me most. We only want to partner with the best, and that's why we love Simply Organic Beauty.

Tara McAdams-May

Shifting my salons to organic not only aligns with my personal beliefs, but has increased the salons retail sales by an astonishing 344% in less than six months. Simply Organic's Oway line is the most beneficial for me and my clients by being holistic, biodynamic, cruelty free, recyclable and most of all, no harsh chemicals or toxin exposure.

Lindy Loercher

Working in a clinical setting it is imperative that I provide a safe environment for my clients. Partnering with Simply Organic Beauty has allowed me to do that, while having absolute confidence in the products and services I offer.

Tatyana Kosogina

Since I have started my journey of becoming a holistic stylist and business owner, the staff at Simply Organic Beauty has been there for me every step of the way. From spending endless time on the phone with me discussing formulas and helping me to transition through 2 hair color lines, to providing me with necessary knowledge to become an educator for them. I will be forever grateful! I've been a stylist for 20 years, and no other company has ever provided as much support as Simply Organic Beauty. All of the advertising materials that are available for print and social media have been an amazing help with building my salon image, website and online store presence. Thank you all for continuous support and taking changing salon industry to a higher level!

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