Oway Tricho-Derm Profiler

The new and improved Oway Tricho-Derm Profiler is an innovative wireless hand-held microscope that allows you to identify clients' trichological and dermocosmetical problems immediately and easily. 

Connect Tricho-Derm Profiler to your phone or laptop via wireless network and see the projected image of your clients scalp in real-time on the exclusive Oway app. Record videos, take pictures and take your consultation phase to the next level.

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  • Wireless connection allows use of Tricho-Derm without wires or cables. Simply connect to tablet or phone via wireless network for a restriction-free work environment.
  • View photos, videos and live-scalp images in the exclusive Oway Tricho-Derm Profiler App available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. Be able to track and share your clients' hair journey photos!
  • 50x - 1000x magnification for clear visualization of details of the hair and scalp.
  • 1980 x 1080P resolution for high-res photos and videos that turn out clear every time. 
  • Compact and lightweight design for handy use.
  • Compatible with iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows.
  • Connect to your laptop via the USB provided for larger view of photos and videos as well as safekeeping. 

  • • Allows in-depth analysis of the scalp and hair by easily analyzing images on your screen
  • • Easy personalized OWAY Treatments suggestions and product recommendations after pinpointing concerns using TRICHO-DERM
  • • A great high-tech addition to make any consultation more meaningful, purposeful and personalized
  • • Monitor the results of your treatment with at-your-fingertips use anytime you want
  • • Adjustable microscope can magnify hair and scalp up to 1000x
  • • Creates an interactive client-stylist experience to build trust and loyalty
  • • Innovative, state-of-the-art technology sets your salon services and staff apart
  • • Enhances stylist knowledge of the hair and scalp health, increasing correct product and treatment recommendations and client satisfaction
Key Ingredients
How to Use
Ensure microscope and LCD are plugged in. Place microscope to the clients scalp and problem areas. Focus your video by turning the adjustable knob on the microscope. Diagnose issues. Recommend product or treatment, then immediately show your clients visible results.

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