Kodansu Ritual Holder Display

Kodansu Ritual Holder Display

Kodansu Ritual Holder Display

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Store and display your MyVeg products! 

The Kodansu is an object that dates back to the end of the 19th century: it contains several drawers behind doors and is equipped with one handle on top for easy carrying.

Still considered antiques today, they are each unique pieces because they were decorated, inlaid with elaborate designs in precious metals and lacquered. 

It was used as a container for the ceremony of "Kodo" incense, one of the three classical Japanese arts of refinement, together with the Kado - the floral composition and - Chado - the tea ceremony. 

Each engraved drawing was linked to a specific meaning. We have chosen the flower of life, and therefore this precious casket contains all the characterizing elements for MyVeg wellness ceremonies. 



    • Removable tray in fir wood
    • Painted sheet metal casing in black matte
    • Pierced MyVeg logo
    • Holds up to 7 products
    • ♥ 100% Plant Actives
    • ♥ 100% Vegan Ingredients
    • ♥ Organic Plant Water Bases
    • ♥ Medicinal Plant Extracts
    • ♥ Essential Oil Fragrances
    • ♥ Sustainable Packaging
    • ♥ Coconut and Beet Derived Surfactants

    Does Not Contain:
    • ✕ Silicones
    • ✕ MIT
    • ✕ Synthetic Fragrance
    • ✕ Artificial Colorant
    • ✕ Phthalates
    • ✕ Parabens
    • ✕ Gluten, Soy, or Wheat
    • ✕ PEG & Propylene Glycol
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