Oway Straw Color Application Brush

Sustainable Non-Toxic Color Application Brush

True to mission, our Oway Straw Color Application Brush is made from 100% recycled corps straw waste, reducing the beauty's industry reliance on polluting plastics.

Its handle and bristles are ergonomically designed for comfort and controlled application.


  • Sustainable + Eco-friendly: Made from 100% corps straw waste, this non-plastic hair color application brush reduces the environmental impact of both salon and stylists. A step forward in cleaning up excess plastic use in the beauty industry.
  • 100% Non-Toxic: Due to it's raw, natural materials, our Oway Straw Color Application Brush ensures no harmful chemicals from plastic or processing leaches into your product.
  • Strong + Durable: Due to our innovative, sustainable corps straw processing method, our color brush is strong, durable and will stand the test of time behind the chair.
  • Lightweight + Ergonomical: Not only is corps straw waste strong and durable, but its unique lightweight composition is easy on the hands and wrists.
Key Ingredients
Made from 100% processed corps straw waste
How to Use
Use our Oway Straw Color Application Brush to prepare your favorite Hcolor, Hnectar or Hmelt color formula!

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