Oway NOTA 2 Essential Oil 50ml

Oway NOTA 2 Essential Oil 50ml


Oway's NOTA 2 combines the zest of citrus fruits, the freshness of Fennel and the warmth of Vanilla for an awakening yet comforting aroma-therapeutic wellness experience. This 100% natural essential oil is meant specifically to create a welcoming sensory experience in-salon or in any room, creating an olfactory background that improves the mood and well-being of your space.

Use with SEGNO or drop into a bath for a re-balancing experience.

Size: 50ml

Made with only high quality, steam-distilled biodynamic and organic botanicals.

  • • Welcoming, enlivening blend of pure essential oils that create a feel-good scent.
  • • 100% naturally derived.
  • • 2 in 1 use: for diffusion with SEGNO or in the bath as re-balancing drops.
  • • Create a welcoming sensory experience in-salon or at home by instantly improving the well-being of your space and elevating daily tasks.
  • • If used repeatedly, it creates an 'olfactory logo' that generates positive memories of both experience and place.
  • • Makes bath time unique and serene, increasing your sense of well-being and relaxation.
Key Ingredients
BIODYNAMIC FENNEL is a versatile and effective aromatic herb for easing digestive and respiratory congestion and discomfort. A fresh and herbaceous scent, Fennel has an affinity for soothing the body and the mind.

BIODYNAMIC GRAPEFRUIT is used for a wide range of topical and aroma therapeutic benefits. It helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and instantly boosts moods.

BIODYNAMIC VANILLA has a signature warm, comforting scent. It is said to lower blood pressure, reduce inflammation and reduce depression for an extremely comforting feeling.

How to Use

Take NOTA 2 from the bottle with dropper pipette and pour the drops in SEGNO glass Cruet.

In bath:

Add 15-20 drops of NOTA 2 in your bath water, then lay back and relax.

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