Oway Hnectar - 10.21 Extra Light Lavender Blonde

Oway Hnectar - 10.21 Extra Light Lavender Blonde

Oway Hnectar is the world’s first biodynamic, free-trade, professional only liquid hair color. It is also the first color with integrated hair lifting. It is formulated with ingredients that were grown on the family’s 100 year old organic farm in Bologna, Italy. The Hcolor line has 41 shades of permanent hair color, and a supporting cast of developers, lighteners, care and styling products. 

Hnectar provides an excellent plumping and restructuring effect thanks to the cotton protein, as well as the vitamins and aminoacids contained in Papamiel. It also offers long lasting hydration, thanks to the high concentration of sugars contained in the nectars. Hair does not require protein integration or restructuring treatments, as Hnectar is a color service with integrated hair lifting.


Key Ingredients

Biodynamic Elderberry Nectar: infuses the hair with brightness and shine. Elderberry also has immediate hair anti-aging properties, as it re-plumps and revitalizes dull, lifeless hair types.

Organic Mallow Nectar: delivers soothing, refreshing and de-sensitizing the scalp. Its unique composition makes this ingredient ideal for sensitive skin types, as it reduces their proneness to discomfort and irritation.

Organic Papamiel Nectar: has nourishing and revitalizing properties to re-plump and repair the hair from the inside out. It has immediate regenerating benefits on the cells of the hair and scalp, and through the high concentration of sugars, it favors hydration and provides scalp comfort.

Ethical Yerba Mate is packed full of antioxidants to protect the hair against oxidative and endogenous stresses and retain cell vitality.

Organic Cotton Proteins: have a substance giving action, conferring body and structure to the hair. They prevent drying out and perform repair and restoring actions on the hair fibre. Softening and nourishing.

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