Hmelt Chromatic Color Chart


Hmelt Chromatic Color Chart

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Hmelt Color Swatch Book

Our Hmelt Chromatic Color Chart allows both hair stylist and client to explore the full potential of our Oway Hmelt color range. All 9 colors are presented in both full and diluted strength, showcasing the versatility and infinite tonal possibilities. 

Accompanying the color swatches is a guide to the individual personality, mood and universal meaning expressed through each selection. With this tool, hair stylists will be fully equipped to give a completely practical and intuitive fashion color consultations. 


  • Convenient + Helpful: Each chart contains fully removable color swatches to create an exceptionally thorough and immersive color consultation experience.
  • Artistic + Expressive: Each Hmelt hair color is expressed in full and half diluted strength to showcase infinite tonal possibilities.
  • Hair Color Expression Guide: Each color contains a personality profile to help both professional and client select the perfect fashion hair color.
  • Eco-Sustainable: Hmelt Chromatic Chart is made from 100% recycled materials.
Made fom 100% eco-friendly materials.
Use Oway's Hmelt Chromatic Chart to help guide your technical usage, while helping you create the ultimate fashion color consultation for your client.

For the ultimate color consultation, follow the following method:


1) Show your client the Hmelt Chromatic Chart. Ask them to point to the color they prefer.

2) Read the color personality profile with your client. Do they feel it truly expresses them? This approach emphasizes the empathetic, intuitive strengths of the hair stylist. Together, you'll select the perfect color - solidifying the bond between you and your client.

3) Identify the perfect color.

4) Choose the desired tonal intensity with your client.

5) Proceed with the corresponding Hmelt Treatment.
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