Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox Service Kit

Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox Service Kit
Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox Service Kit

Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox Service Kit

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Inspired by biodynamic farming practices, our Oway Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox Kit includes a revolutionary collection of 100% natural products to deeply cleanse and regenerate the scalp, hair and mind. 


Over time, excess skin, sebum and product residues build up on the scalp, suffocating it and – eventually – weakening the hair and irritating the skin. To restore the scalp to its optimum condition, a scalp detox is necessary. Much like caring for our farms, periodically, we must purify and strengthen the soil to restore harmony and balance - the scalp is no different. 

At the heart of this treatment is our Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser. Comprised of 100% raw Biodynamic Savory Leaves, Horsetail Stems, Fair Trade Amazonian Pink Clay Salts and Soap Nuts, these powerful medicinal plants eliminate toxins, impurities and revitalize the scalp's delicate eco-system. 

To increase effectiveness, we recommend offering customizable treatments in conjunction with the lunar phases. Each treatment type contains a concoction of Oway Essential Oils Blends for a transformative, aromatherapeutic experience. 

Includes [26%]:


  • 1 - Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser (50g)
  • 1 - Oway Relaxing Essential Oil Blend 7ml
  • 1 - Oway Strengthening Essential Oil Blend 7ml
  • 1 - Oway Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend 7ml
  • 1 - Oway Plant & Mineral Refresh Dry Shampoo


  • 1 - Oway Bamboo Blending Whisk
  • 1 - Oway Wooden Bowl
  • 1 - Oway Wooden Spoon
  • 1 - Scalp Treatment Diagnosis Sheet
  • 1 - Oway Herbs & Clay Wooden Display Board
  • 2 - Scalp Detox Table Tents
  • 1 - Oway Botanical Detox Manual
  • 1 - Oway Scalp Treatments Manual


Detox + Renew: the scalp by naturally removing built up impurities and toxins that interfere with healthy hair growth and function.

Aromatherapeutic: properties found in our 100% pure biodynamic essential oil blends transform this from scalp detox treatment to a complete holistic wellness and beauty ritual.

Complimentary Eco Application Tools: made from 100% non-toxic materials are included in this kit to ensure the purity and effectiveness of the treatment. [ 1 Each: Bamboo Blending Whisk, Wooden Bowl, Wooden Teaspoon]

Complimentary Service Launch Kit: created to take the guesswork out of launching a new service in your salon, this kit contains the following resources:

  • Service Menu: was created to convey the benefits of each scalp detox and wellness treatment. Simply write in your price and launch!
  • Pricing Guide: helps you never be stuck guessing how much to charge for this service. We provide a price breakdown of the product, complete with suggested pricing.
  • 2019 Lunar Calendar: is an eye-catching cosmic calendar intended to guide your scalp services and rituals.
  • Digital Marketing Materials: is a suite of online resources specifically created for you - the stylist / salon owner - to market the treatment on social media channels, email and website.

An Important Note: Ingredients may change. For the most current ingredient list, please check your packaging. Any slight variation in the aspect of the product is due to the natural raw materials in the formula and does not affect the quality.

Mix 3-6 Oway Wooden Teaspoons of Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser (or more depending on hair density and scalp surface area) into Oway Wooden Mixing Bowl. Add the amount of hot water necessary to create a paste and mix thoroughly with Oway Bamboo Blending Whisk. Add 10 Drops of any Oway Wellness Essential Oil Blend. Continue to blend with Oway Bamboo Whisk until raw ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Apply to scalp and massage for 5 minutes, focusing the gentle removal of scalp buildup and impurities. Rinse. Repeat, if necessary. Follow with chosen Oway Hair Mask or Conditioner.

Herbs & Clay is also highly recommend as the first step in your scalp treatment services, excluding the Soothing Scalp Treatment. It's powerful detoxification properties prep the scalp to absorb your specific scalp treatment (Hair Loss, Rebalancing or Purifying).

Perform an Herbs & Clay Scalp Detox Treatment in conjunction with the lunar phases to increase their power and effectiveness.

The moon completes a cycle approximately every 29 days, which can roughly be divided into 2 phases, of around 2 weeks each:

WAXING MOON [From the new moon to the full moon]

From the new moon to the full moon, roots absorb maximum nourishment and plants are in a highly active growth phase. This signifies a time to energize and fortify the scalp with treatments that deliver antioxidants and strength for optimal hair growth and health.

Suggested Treatment: Herbs + Clay Peeling Cleanser + Antioxidant Blend and/or Strengthening Blend

WANING MOON [From the full moon to the new moon]

From the full moon to the new moon, growth phases slow and take time for rest and rejuvenation. This signifies a time of soothing and calmness, allowing the scalp to rest in between growth cycles.

Suggested Treatment: Herbs + Clay Peeling Cleanser + Relaxing Blend

Customer Reviews

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Sarah K.
Amazing treatment! Clients love it.

I cannot say enough amazing things about this treatment! Not only are clients loving to do a treatment that is so in line with nature and the moon's path, the results are amazing! Clients scalps stay clean and fresh for weeks and they also feel there is more volume (a fun added benefit)! We are going to start having moon parties at the salon where we set our intentions and invite clients to have this treatment. It's super cost effective and such a cool story to tell!

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