Oway Sanitary Single Use Biodegradable Capes (30 pack)


Oway Sanitary Single Use Biodegradable Capes (30 pack)

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Our Oway Biodegradable Salon Cape (30 pack) is the first professional cape of its kind. Made from 100% vegetable maize, this innovative material breaks down in the environment naturally, without causing harm to plants, animals and our delicate ecosystems.

Its soft, lightweight material is water resistant and guards both clients' clothes and Oway Regenerated Cotton Capes from staining and damage that can be caused by coloring, lightening and permanent texture services.

This cape can be single use or cleaned and reused until the end of its life cycle, then simply composted, recycled or thrown away with zero impact on the planet and wildlife.

30 capes are included in one pack.

  • • Made from 100% biodegradable corn maize for the ultimate eco-friendly salon cape
  • • Protects clients clothes and cotton capes from color staining and bleaching
  • • Adjustable, neck ties allow for a comfortable client fit every time
  • • Soft, lightweight material is breathable and 100% eco-friendly
  • • Reusable if wiped down and stored properly after your service
  • • Can be recycled, composted or simply thrown away due to its 100% biodegradable material
Made from 100% biodegradable and compostable maize.
Use during color, lightener and permanent texture services to protect the client's clothes and Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape during the service. Biodegradable capes are reusable if cleaned and kept in good condition.

Once you cannot use the biodegradable capes anymore, they are perfect to recycle, compost or simply throw away, as they do not build up in the environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Rebecca Gregory
Safety the eco way

Super thankful for these capes during pandemic. Safety is the current main concern in re-opening my salon. These biodegradeable one time use capes have assisted my salon in feeling like we are doing our part in keeping up on the best sanitation and safety cautions. So thankful! Doing our part in staying healthy and safe while being able to keep doing what we love Hair!

Crystal L
Eco Friendly

Eco friendly capes that can be used as one time use for traveling stylist or even in salon. Great to use for covering up the cotton capes from Oway too. Just a overall great product!

Stephanye Davis
Way to Go OWay!

This is such a great way to keep contamination down in the middle of Cold & Flu season. Plus they are non harmful to the planet. Way to Go OWay!

Patricia Tomaselli
A great way to preserve your color capes

This biodegradable capes are amazing!! I love using them as an overlay on my color and lightening services. Also great for balayage! Keeps my capes clean and reduces the amount of washing and drying which I love!! Anything to free up my time is a great tool not to mention I can rinse them and reuse or toss them They are made of straw and biodegradable!! It's a win for me!!

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