Oway Compressed Paper Face Masks (20 Pack)

Oway Compressed Paper Face Masks (20 Pack)

Biodegradable Beauty

Oway's Compressed Paper Face Masks are going to be your newest favorite for every holistic salon and spa! Adding this Biodegradable paper mask to your beauty rituals will have clients relaxed and refreshed. Boost skin hydration or pair with your favorite cream face mask to lock in benefits! 

    Size: 20pcs

    • ♥ Boost hydration
    • ♥ Keep cream or clay face masks in place
    • ♥ Allow facial rollers to move with ease and stay clean
    • ♥ Compressed for convenient travel
    • ♥ Recyclable packaging, Biodegradable product
    • ♥ Cruelty-Free + Vegan

    Key Ingredients
    How to Use
    Submerge in warm water to expand face mask. Try mixing one of our Solstice Blends for added benefits!

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