O&M Ammonia Free Keratin Blue Powder Lightener (1kg) - [2 x 500g REFILLS]


O&M's new and improved Keratin Blue Lightener works to gently and efficiently lift hair 1-7 levels using its own Keratin amino acid complex. Keratin's protein structure is similar to the hair's own structure, helping it rebuild and protect the cuticle during the lightening process.

Its dust-free, ammonia-free formulation makes it ideal for hair painting techniques, highlighting and on-scalp lightening services.

FUN FACT: Our new lightener eco-refills are ideal for refilling your O&M Keratin Blue Lightener [500g] and saves you 23% on product!

Size: 1kg // 2 x 500g / REFILL Bags for 500g can


  • ♥ Ammonia-Free, Dust-Free Formula
  • ♥ Keratin Amino Acid Complex Strengthens & Protects Hair From Damage
  • ♥ Versatile Lightener for Hairpainting, Highlighting and On-Scalp Lightening.
  • ♥ Strongest & Gentlest O&M Lightener
Key Ingredients
Keratin Amino Acid Complex rebuilds and protects the hair from damage during the lightening process.

Potassium Persulfate is used in place of ammonium persulfate, providing a fume-free, pleasant salon experience.
How to Use
Mixing Ratio:

1.7 - 2oz of O&M Developer to 1 Scoop of O&M Lightener *

*Depending on desired consistency


For on-scalp lightening: No more than 20 vol is recommended. Using a plastic wrap or cap is advised to lock in moisture.

For balayage/handpainting: 30 or 40 vol is recommended.

Processing longer than 50mins is not recommended

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