Ultimate Lift & Restore Kit

Ultimate Lift & Restore Kit

Ultimate Lift & Restore Kit

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Our O&M Ultimate Lift & Restore Kit includes our extraordinary collection of keratin-infused ammonia-free powder lighteners and our innovative CØR.restore Treatment Kit. 

Our lighteners will comfortably provide 1-6 levels of lift for a variety of lightening services. Our innovative CØR.restore is 2-part, 23 amino acid-based system that can be used in your lightening, color and stand-alone treatment services to protect and repair the hair.

FUN FACT: CØR.restore is not your typical bond enhancing treatment. Its unique formulation is created to enhance the results of all ammonia-free color and lightening services.

Includes (SAVE 40%):


  • 1 x Keratin Blue Lightener - 500g
  • 1 x Keratin White Lightener - 500g

    • 2 x CØR Activator 10 vol - 1000ml
    • 1 x CØR Activator 30 vol - 1000ml


    • 1 x CØR.restore Part 1 - 500ml
      • 1 x CØR.restore Part 2 - 1200ml


        Includes the following resources to lift and restore with confidence and ease.

        • 1 x O&M CØR.color Bible (Manual)
        • 1 x O&M Style Bible (Manual)
        • 1 x O&M Product Guide (Manual)
        • 1 x O&M CØR.restore Quick Start Guide 
        • 1 x Simply Organic Sustainable Straw Color Mixing Bowl
        • 1 x Simply Organic Sustainable Straw Color Application Brush


        This kit does not permit customizations. Thank you for your understanding.


        • • Versatile restorative treatment compatible with any color, lightening or perm service
        • • Innovative blend of 12 biomimetic amino acids and organic elements re-link the bonds of the hair and preserve the hair's delicate keratin structure from chemical damage during services
        • • Strengthens, hydrates and protects the hair from further damage
        • • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment to restore and repair compromised hair
        • • Complete professional kit provides an average of 75 treatments with a profit of $2000 per kit!
        • • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

        • ♥ Ammonia-Free, Dust-Free Formula
        • ♥ Keratin Amino Acid Complex Strengthens & Protects Hair From Damage
        • ♥ Versatile Lightener for Highlighting and On-Scalp Lightening.
        • ♥ Achieves up to 7 levels of lift

        An Important Note: Ingredients may change. For the most current ingredient list, please check your packaging. Any slight variation in the aspect of the product is due to the natural raw materials in the formula and does not affect the quality.

        COR.restore is a 2-part system that works with all chemicals services without having to adjust your developer strength!

        Part 1 – LIQUID CØR.restore Liquid works within all chemical services to re-link the internal disulfide bonds that can typically be broken, and protects the keratin bonds that are in hair naturally.

        Part 2 – BALM CØR.restore Balm is a restorative cream with a blend of Amino Acids and Organic Elements to help repair and re-plump the hair. It also protects and hydrates the hair due to its high molecular weight to seal and protect the outer layers.

        How to Use CØR.restore

        1. Color/Semi/Demi/Lowlights

        • • Add 1mL of Part 1 to every 10g color (Measured without Activator) NOTE: 5mL is the maximum amount recommended or necessary.

        2. Lightening/Bleaching

        • • Add 2mL of Part 1 to every 10g lightener (Measured without Activator)

          NOTE: 10mL is the maximum amount recommended or necessary
        • 3. Perming and Straightening – TREATMENT AFTER SERVICE

          • • Rinse out Neutralizer
          • • Apply Part 1 to mid-shaft & ends
          • • Process 5 minutes & Rinse Apply Part 2
          • • Leave on 5 minutes & Rinse
          • 4. Stand Alone Treatment = 3 Variations

            How to Mix for Stand Alone Treatment:
            MIXING PART 2
            Good Condition 3ml of Part 1 20g of Part 2
            Compromised 6ml of Part 1 20g of Part 2
            Highly Compromised 9ml of Part 1 20g of Part 2

            Stand Alone Treatment: Step by Step:

            • 1. Shampoo + Rinse + Towel Dry
            • 2. Mix according to condition above.
            • 3. Apply to midshaft and ends first.
            • 4. Process 5-10 minutes (Low heat can be used with processing cap).
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