O&M COR Restore KIt

O&M Ultimate Lift & Restore Kit [SAVE 40%]


Our O&M Ultimate Lift & Restore Kit includes our extraordinary collection of keratin-infused ammonia-free powder lighteners and our innovative CØR.restore Treatment Kit. 

Our lighteners will comfortably provide 1-6 levels of lift for a variety of lightening services. Our innovative CØR.restore is 2-part, 23 amino acid-based system that can be used in your lightening, color and stand-alone treatment services to protect and repair the hair.

FUN FACT: CØR.restore is not your typical bond enhancing treatment. Its unique formulation is created to enhance the results of all ammonia-free color and lightening services.

Includes (SAVE 40%):


  • 1 x Keratin Blue Lightener - 500g
  • 1 x Keratin White Lightener - 500g

    • 2 x CØR Activator 10 vol - 1000ml
    • 1 x CØR Activator 30 vol - 1000ml


    • 1 x CØR.restore Treatment Kit
      • 1 x Part 1 - 500ml
      • 2 x Part 2 - 500ml
    • 1 x CØR.restore Part 2 - 1200ml


      Includes the following resources to lift and restore with confidence and ease.

      • 1 x O&M CØR.color Bible (Manual)
      • 1 x O&M Style Bible (Manual)
      • 1 x O&M Product Guide (Manual)
      • 1 x O&M CØR.restore Quick Start Guide 
      • 1 x Simply Organic Sustainable Straw Color Mixing Bowl
      • 1 x Simply Organic Sustainable Straw Color Application Brush


      This kit does not permit customizations. Thank you for your understanding.


      • • Versatile restorative treatment compatible with any color, lightening or perm service
      • • Innovative blend of 12 biomimetic amino acids and organic elements re-link the bonds of the hair and preserve the hair's delicate keratin structure from chemical damage during services
      • • Strengthens, hydrates and protects the hair from further damage
      • • Can be used as a stand-alone treatment to restore and repair compromised hair
      • • Complete professional kit provides an average of 75 treatments with a profit of $2000 per kit!
      • • Cruelty-Free & Vegan

      • ♥ Ammonia-Free, Dust-Free Formula
      • ♥ Keratin Amino Acid Complex Strengthens & Protects Hair From Damage
      • ♥ Versatile Lightener for Highlighting and On-Scalp Lightening.
      • ♥ Achieves up to 7 levels of lift
      Key Ingredients
      How to Use
      COR.restore is a 2-part system that works with all chemicals services without having to adjust your developer strength!

      Part 1 – LIQUID CØR.restore Liquid works within all chemical services to re-link the internal disulfide bonds that can typically be broken, and protects the keratin bonds that are in hair naturally.

      Part 2 – BALM CØR.restore Balm is a restorative cream with a blend of Amino Acids and Organic Elements to help repair and re-plump the hair. It also protects and hydrates the hair due to its high molecular weight to seal and protect the outer layers.

      How to Use CØR.restore

      1. Color/Semi/Demi/Lowlights

      • • Add 1mL of Part 1 to every 10g color (Measured without Activator) NOTE: 5mL is the maximum amount recommended or necessary.

      2. Lightening/Bleaching

      • • Add 2mL of Part 1 to every 10g lightener (Measured without Activator)

        NOTE: 10mL is the maximum amount recommended or necessary
      • 3. Perming and Straightening – TREATMENT AFTER SERVICE

        • • Rinse out Neutralizer
        • • Apply Part 1 to mid-shaft & ends
        • • Process 5 minutes & Rinse Apply Part 2
        • • Leave on 5 minutes & Rinse
        • 4. Stand Alone Treatment = 3 Variations

          How to Mix for Stand Alone Treatment:
          MIXING PART 2
          Good Condition 3ml of Part 1 20g of Part 2
          Compromised 6ml of Part 1 20g of Part 2
          Highly Compromised 9ml of Part 1 20g of Part 2

          Stand Alone Treatment: Step by Step:

          • 1. Shampoo + Rinse + Towel Dry
          • 2. Mix according to condition above.
          • 3. Apply to midshaft and ends first.
          • 4. Process 5-10 minutes (Low heat can be used with processing cap).

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