I-N Organic Cotton Tote

I-N Organic Cotton Tote
I-N Organic Cotton Tote

I-N Organic Cotton Tote

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Handcrafted from strong, organic cotton fibers, our I-N Organic Cotton Tote is a perfect alternative to polluting plastic bags. 

Its sturdy handles and lightweight design is ideal for holding all your summer essentials ‚ÄĒ from fresh fruits and towels to your favorite¬†Intelligent Nutrients products!

A great alternative to send products home with your clients as well! 

Size: 19"W x 15.5"H x 7.5"Gusset

    • ‚ô• 100% Plant Actives
    • ‚ô• 100% Vegan Ingredients
    • ‚ô• Organic Plant Water Bases
    • ‚ô• Medicinal Plant Extracts
    • ‚ô• Essential Oil Fragrances
    • ‚ô• Sustainable Packaging
    • ‚ô• Coconut and Beet Derived Surfactants

    Does Not Contain:
    • ‚úē Silicones
    • ‚úē MIT
    • ‚úē Synthetic Fragrance
    • ‚úē Artificial Colorant
    • ‚úē Phthalates
    • ‚úē Parabens
    • ‚úē Gluten, Soy, or Wheat
    • ‚úē PEG & Propylene Glycol
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