Solidu LUFFA Shampoo Bar Holder

Solidu LUFFA Shampoo Bar Holder


100% natural, eco-friendly compostable shampoo holder or shampoo-saver made from the loofah plant. It is a zero-waste alternative to a traditional soap dish and is meant to extend the life of your bar. The naturally porous structure of the dried loofah plant allows excess water to run through - allowing your shampoo bar to dry quicker and last longer. This product can be composted together with food waste and other bio waste in your home.

- 100% natural

- Biodegradable + zero-waste

- Extends life of shampoo + body care bars

- Allows for easy drying and storage
Key Ingredients
100% natural, dried, loofah plant - a member of the cucumber family!
How to Use
Place bar on top of Luffa (ideally outside of your shower) to extend the life of your bar.

Instagram inspiration from our holistic Hair Tribe