Fragrance Tester Strip


Fragrance Tester Strip

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Non-Toxic + Pure: unlike most luxury fragrances on the market, OWN WAY is 100% free from all synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

Aromatherapeutic: made with only natural essences, OWN WAY's signature fragrance is filled with curative essential oils, resins and botanical essences that have an innate and powerful ability to affect emotions.

Luxurious + Long-Lasting: OWN WAY's evocative and transformative aroma is ideal for all fragrance lovers who desire a high quality, long-lasting fragrance without compromise.

Handcrafted Boxes: each OWN WAY bottle is protected by an elegant matte block wooden box handcrafted by local Italian craftsmen. Each wooden box is upcycled and created for salon re-purpose.

  • Interactive Retail Display: each OWN WAY launch pack contains an interactive eco-retail display, complete with an OWN WAY tester bottle and fragrance strips. Holds: 1 OWN WAY Bottle (50ml), 6 OWN WAY Roll Ons (10ml) and 1 tester.
  • Oway Almond Cotton Pouch: this 100% organic cotton is intended to protect 1 precious, limited edition OWN WAY bottle (50ml) from salon to home.
  • Digital Marketing Materials For Salons: each OWN WAY Launch Pack contains a suite of exclusive images intended for salons and stylist to promote and introduce clients to OWN WAY on websites, social media, etc.
Patchouli Leaf Essential Oil fights negative thinking by naturally reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. It's also an all-natural odor eliminator.

Frankincense Essential Oil has an inviting scent that improves immune system function by promoting respiratory health, while relieving stress and anxiety. It all has all-natural healing and anti-aging properties when topically applied.

Rockrose Essential Oil promotes self-love and acceptance. Its invigorating aroma ignites courage to conquer life challenges with strength and resilience.

Pink Pepper Essential Oil has a delicate, pungent fragrance with revitalizing and stimulating benefits that support healthy energy levels and reduce fatigue.

Sicilian Orange Essential Oil naturally boosts energy levels and overall mood, while reducing stress and anxiety.

Sage Essential Oil promotes tranquility and acceptance of difficult, stressful or dissuasive situations to achieve a better perspective.

Myrtle Essential Oilsupports healthy breathing, clears up chest pathways and alleviates spiritual stress.

Biodynamic Thyme Essential Oil is a powerful toner, strengthens nerves and stimulates brain function. It improves memory, focus and concentration.

Biodynamic Lavender Essential Oil gives balance and serenity to the mind and body. It relieves physical and mental tensions and helps fight stress and insomnia.

Biodynamic Rosemary Essential Oil improves memory function, while preventing mental and physical fatigue. Induces feelings of focus and determination.

Aloeswood Extract is a precious and fragrant resin formed on the Aquilaria Tree, also called “Tree of the gods." Its intense, slightly sweet aroma helps induce relaxation and eliminate stress and tension.

Cedar Wood Extract has a warm, reinvigorating and gentle fragrance meant to reduce stress by increasing inner strength, clarity of thought and self-confidence.

Vanilla Pure Essence has relaxing and soothing properties. It fights insomnia and calms nervous hunger.

Sugar Barbabyethal Derived Alcohol From Sugar is used in place of traditional alcohol found in perfumes, we use pure alcohol naturally derived from sugar barbabyethal.
Fragrance Use: Spray o roll only 1-2 pumps or rolls of OWN WAY Fragrance on inner wrists and delicately apply to all desired areas. Oway OWN WAY Retail Display Directions put in high traffic areas such as checkout to encourage fragrance testing and purchases.

Unisex fragrance makes it ideal for all clients, especially those with synthetic fragrance allergies.

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