Owayans Collection Poster (Farms)


Owayans Collection Poster (Farms)

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Owayans Collection Salon Poster

This beautiful image from our Owayans 2017 Collection gives an inside look into Oway's Biodynamic Farms - OrtOfficina - where plants, animals, and humans work in symbiotic harmony to grow and harvest the beautiful botanicals found in our Oway products.

Pictured are our free-roaming donkeys - Spritz and Fulmine. This poster image celebrates and thanks these magnificent creatures who graze on OrtOfficina's open pastures and contribute to the all-natural fertilizers used on our farms.

Size: 38.5 x 26.75"

Oway Wooden Frame NOT included

  • • Gives an inside look into Oway's Biodynamic Farms - OrtOfficina
  • • Displays the beautiful, healthy results achievable with Oway
  • • Built in strong, cardboard stands allow it to be hung or stood up
  • • Showcases your salon's values and commitment to a non-toxic lifestyle
Made from 100% strong, durable, eco-friendly cardboard
Display in salon window, on a retail display table or on the wall to entice clients and onlookers to look deeper into your salon's Organic Way.
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