Regen Cotton Collection Package A

Regen Cotton Collection Package A
Regen Cotton Collection Package A
Regen Cotton Collection Package A
Regen Cotton Collection Package A

Regen Cotton Collection Package A

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Oway's Regenerated Cotton Collection is where ethical fashion meets function in the salon. This exclusive assortment of luxurious sustainable salon garments are crafted in Italy from 100% natural, regenerated cotton clippings. Salvaged from fabric scraps, which are typically thrown away, these items are transformed into high quality garments with zero waste. Our capes, aprons and kimonos are timeless, classic and a symbol of sustainability and the fight against waste.

Oway Regen Cotton Collection Package A includes (SAVE 18%):
  • 1 - Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape
  • 1 - Oway Regenerated Cotton Apron
  • 1 - Oway Regenerated Cotton Kimono
  • 1 - Oway Biodegradable Salon Capes (30 pack)
  • 1 - Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection Folder/Info Pack
  • 1 - Straw Color Mixing Bowl
  • 1 - Straw Color Application Brush
  • 1 - Holistic Hair Tribe T-Shirt
  • • Made from 100% soft, breathable eco-ethical cotton
  • • Adjustable, strong cotton straps create the ideal form and fit for all professionals
  • • Melange black cotton fabric is stain and wrinkle resistant
  • • Includes an individual garment back to preserve the apron's integrity
  • • Reduces environmental waste and resources by regenerating cotton from scraps that would be thrown away
  • • Biodegradable Capes are made from 100% biodegradable corn maize for the ultimate eco-friendly salon cape, that doesn't harm plants, animals or our delicate ecosystems
Oway Regenerate Cotton Collection (Cape, Kimono & Apron) are made from 100% natural and regenerated cotton fabric in Italy.

Oway Biodegradable Salon Capes are made from 100% biodegradable and compostable maize.
Created to evoke a professional, sustainable salon environment, our Oway Regenerated Cotton Collection and biodegradable salon capes can be used for most every salon service.

Note: If performing a color, lightening or permanent texture service, please use Oway Biodegradable Salon Capes over your Oway Regenerated Cotton Cape to prevent discoloration and damage that can be caused during these service types.
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