Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend


Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend

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Oway Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend is made with 100% pure steam-distilled essential oils of Biodynamic Blood Orange, Basil, Lemon Balm and Bergamot. Together, these medicinal botanicals invigorate the mind and nourish the skin and scalp. It's high antioxidant content combats free radicals, which have been linked to cancer and premature aging.

Pair me with Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser or Oway Flowerfall for an amazing treatment for the skin, scalp and mind!



Size: 7ml

  • ♥ Protects the skin, hair and scalp from premature aging
  • ♥ High antioxidant eliminates stress-inducing free radicals and tension
  • ♥ Deeply nourishes the skin and hair fiber, providing revitalizing and brightening benefits
  • ♥ Energizing blend of only 100% pure biodynamic essential oils is a natural mood booster
  • ♥ Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity
  • ♥ Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Does Not Contain:
  • ✕ Parabens
  • ✕ SLS / SLES
  • ✕ GMOs
  • ✕ Petroleum
  • ✕ Phthalates
  • ✕ Synthetic Fragrance
  • ✕ Synthetic Ingredients
  • ✕ PEGs, PPGs & BGs
  • ✕ Artificial Colorants
    • Biodynamic Blood Orange Essential Oil has an re-energizing effect on the skin and mind, while naturally-occurring D-limonene has been linked to preventing the growth of cancer cells.

      Biodynamic Basil Essential Oil promotes mental awareness and reduces stress and tension. It's rich in Vitamin A that revitalizes dull skin and hair.

      Biodynamic Lemon Balm Essential Oil is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to revive and brighten lackluster skin and hair.

      Biodynamic Bergamot Essential Oil heals the mind, hair and skin with its ability to reduce the prevalence of stress, tension and even scars.

      An Important Note: Ingredients may change. For the most current ingredient list, please check your packaging. Any slight variation in the aspect of the product is due to the natural raw materials in the formula and does not affect the quality.

    With Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser: Add 10 drops to the mix of Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser and water. Can use in conjunction with other Oway Wellness Essential Oil Blends, but the total drop mix should not exceed 10.

    With Oway Flowerfall + Hydro-dhara: Add a maximum of 6 drops to Flowerfall (30ml) and Lukewarm water (500ml). Can use in conjunction with other Oway Wellness Essential Oil Blends, but the total drop mix should not exceed 6.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Stephanye Davis

    Started adding the OWay Essential Blends to my Herbs & Clay Detox service. I am truly in love with the energizing notes in the Antioxidant Blend. Basil and Beragmot have my heart soaring while my scalp is detoxing!


    I love the smell it's super relaxing. I did the herbs and clay detox treatment on my mom and she was in heaven!

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