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Amplifi-Hair Conditioner (32oz)
Amplifi-Hair Micellar Shampoo (32oz)
Anti-Frizz Smooth Rinse (958ml)
Anti-Frizz Smooth Wash (958ml)
BAGNO FUNZIONALE PROTEICO - Nourishing Hair Bath (500ml)
BAGNO FUNZIONALE PURIFICANTE - Detoxifying Hair Bath (500ml)
Calm & Soothe Cleansing Milk (30.2oz)
Color Cleanse Wash (958ml)
Conquer Blonde Silver Shampoo (1000ml)

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Intelligent Nutrients

I-N haircare products are specially formulated to deliver high-quality, luxurious results through the use of ethically sourced, science-backed ingredients. No matter your client’s haircare concerns, there is an Intelligent solution!

Amplifi-Hair Conditioner (32oz)
Amplifi-Hair Micellar Shampoo (32oz)
Fortifi-Hair Conditioner (32oz)
Fortifi-Hair Shampoo (32oz)
InspiraMint Conditioner (32oz)

I-N Pure Plenty Backbar Duo

I-N Pure Plenty Backbar Duo
I-N Pure Plenty Backbar Duo

I-N Pure Plenty Backbar Duo

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Restore the thickness of your clients hair with Intelligent Nutrients Pure Plenty Backbar Duo! Our color-safe formula features red clover extract and peptides to strengthen hair at the root and inhibit DHT (the hair-thinning hormone). Your clients will experience enhanced movement, lift, bounce and shine for fuller, healthier looking hair. 



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Meet The Brand

Original & Mineral

Free from harsh chemicals and infused with powerful native plant actives from Australia, O&M’s diverse offerings of shampoos, conditioners, and masks are designed to nourish and protect the hair while preventing color fade.

MyVeg Backbar
MyVeg haircare products harness the power of nature to transform your locks from root to tip. MyVeg products are crafted with a harmonious blend of vegan, plant-based ingredients that work to rejuvenate and revitalize the hair.
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Simply Organic shampoos and conditioners are crafted with the most gentle, natural, and organic ingredients on the planet and are designed to work within the optimal pH to promote healthy, happy hair.
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