Hair Loss Awareness Month

Throughout August, National Hair Loss Awareness Month gets to the root of an issue affecting over 56 million people across the country. While we put the focus on hair loss this month, we have tips that will help you and your clients all year long!
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Help clients maintain the health & integrity of their hair with these salon tips!

There are products and practices you can incorporate into your salon space that will help clients currently experiencing hair loss and for prevention of possible future hair loss.

Tip #1

Show clients how to create those high-tension desired hairstyles with as little tension as possible to avoid hair loss based on tension.

Tip #2

During clients’ appointments, give them an exact temperature to use when styling with their hot tools to avoid damage caused by high temperatures.

Tip #3

Share the benefits of sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase! Offer silk pillowcases in your salon retail area.

Tip #4

Analyze your client's scalp care routine and supplement with organic scalp products.

Tip #5

Prescribe products to stimulate hair growth based on their hair type and hair loss concerns.

Expand Your Knowledge with Our Hair Loss Awareness Videos

See what customers are saying about some of our best-selling anti-hair loss products!


"After an extensive surgery and being under anesthesia for 8 hours I lost a significant amount of hair over the course of 4-5 months. By using this product it helped to jump start the regrowth of my hair!"

Dena E.
Microstimulating Hair Bath

"My favorite product! My hair always feels clean, thicker and looks fuller, and the smell cannot be beat!"

Katrina R.
Pure Plenty Shampoo

"Densify in an amazing product that really does stimulate new hair growth. A little goes a long way. I have had significant noticeable results on my clients and myself."

Marianne L.
Oway Densifying Remedy

"I've used this for two weeks and see a difference already. My hair is not shedding as much. It's great to freshen up my hair on days I don't wash it. Adds a lot of body!"

Janine J.
Pure Plenty Scalp Serum

"Nocturnal Remedy an amazing product. This is a multi gender product. All of my customers male and female use this product and are having amazing results with thinning hair getting thicker and returning."

Stephanye D.
Oway Nocturnal Remedy


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