Oway Waveshaper - Relaxer System - Introductory Salon Package For Relaxing- Save 26%

Oway WizOut (Italian for "without")  Waveshaper is a versatile, thiogylcolate-free perm and texturizer that can also be used a permanent relaxer! Made with certified organic, biodynamic, fair trade and vegan ingredients. Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass bottles, Oway's Waveshaper is completely customizable in amount and strength, which eliminates product waste and hair damage.  

Key Ingredients include

Fair Trade Açai Oil
Rich in mineral and bio-elements that provide excellent antioxidant properties and anti-anging benefits.

Organic Hops
Yes, hops like those found in beer. Hops are rich in amino acids and protiens. They help strengthen and protect the hair during the texture service. 

Oat Peptides
Penetrates the cuticle to repair damaged hair.

Waveshaper is without Thioglycolates, Ammonia, Parabens and SLS.



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