Reusable 5-Layer Face Mask w/ Carbon Filters [10 Pack - SAVE 34%]

Keep COVID a salon safety priority with our New Reusable Black Mask with Carbon Filters (1x) - 10 Pack. These masks come in thick fabric with 2 removable Activated Carbon Filters to be inserted into the Filter Pocket for another 2.5 layers of protection.


  • 10 - Black External Mask 2-Layers (Reusable & Machine Washable)
  • 10 - PM 2.5 Activated Carbon Filter (Replace every 1-4 days)

Each mask and set of filters are individually packed, sealed and protected to maintain integrity of product prior to use.

Size/Color/Quantity: One Size Fits Most / BLACK / (10 Reusable Masks + 10 Filters)

  • • 10-pack of masks with 2 filters in each saves you 34%
  • • Restores peace of mind in clients and staff alike
  • • Protects you, salon staff and clients in accordance with federal and state guidelines
  • • Reusable sanitation mask that help keep the integrity of your sustainable mission
  • • Reusability and washability ensures commitment to sustainable salon practices
  • • Removable carbon filters creates a cleaner salon air environment by reducing airborne particles by up to 90%

Key Ingredients
How to Use
Comfortable ear loops paired with highest quality, machine washable cotton allow for secure placement on the face. External face mask is reusable and machine washer-friendly. Remove and replace activated carbon filters every 1-4 times (optional).

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