Oway Wooden Poster Frame

Eco-salon Wooden Poster Frame

Showcase your Oway salon posters in true eco-style. Our perfectly-fitted frame is made from 100% sustainable birchwood - complete with a strong, durable back leg that allows it be used for wall decor, salon retail areas and windows displays. 

Size: 41 x 29 x 1.5"

Pricing includes shipping & handling fees

  • ♥ Compatible with any Oway Salon Poster
  • ♥ Made from strong, durable birchwood
  • ♥ Allows for easy changing of promotion materials without disassembly
  • ♥ Versatile design allows it to be used for wall decor, salon retail displays and more
Key Ingredients
Made from 100% sustainable birchwood
How to Use
Display your favorite Oway poster at your salon window, retail display table or on the wall to entice clients and onlookers to look deeper into your salon's eco-friendly ways.



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