Oway Winter Hair Repair Service Kit [SAVE 25%]

Oway Winter Hair Repair Service Kit [SAVE 25%]

Oway Winter Hair Repair Salon Service Kit is centered around holistic wellness, these Oway services are not only meant to address client’s hair needs but their mind, body + soul needs as well! During the winter, moisture doesn’t stand a chance staying locked in the hair. Provide clients with these nourishing treatments from Oway. 

  • Relax + Restore: Oway Moisturizing Treatment. Deeply replenish and repair even the driest and most brittle hair.
  • Winter Hair Hero: Oway Purifying Treatment. Eliminate dandruff, moisturize the scalp, alleviate itchiness and banish unsightly flakes using the purest of ingredients.
  • Holistic Holiday Wellness: Oway Flowerfall Treatment. Relax your hair, scalp and mind for a holistic wellness experience that will have you ready to enjoy the cheer in no time.

Projected Revenue: With the slower salon months of January + February in mind, these add-ons are ideal for increasing service prices, in-turn boosting salon sales! Each suggested add-on service price is $25-30.  

Potential Sales: $3,549.00

  • Relax + Restore [45 services] = to $1,350
  • Winter Hair Hero [45 services] = to $1,350
  • Holistic Holiday Wellness [45 services] = to $1,350

    Service Kit Includes: [SAVINGS of 25%]

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