Oway Ultimate Skincare Retail + Service Launch Pack (SAVE 35%)

Oway Ultimate Skincare Retail + Service Launch Pack (SAVE 35%)

Full Skincare Service + Retail Line

Ready to bring the Organic Way of Skincare to your salon? This introductory package not only brings a volume discount on product, but also everything you need to start offering both in-salon skincare services and retail!

From your skincare retail display to the tools and professional products necessary for an extraordinary spa service experience, you can't go wrong with our Ultimate Skincare Package!

Ideal for: Salons and Spas looking to offer both organic skincare services and an exclusive retail product line. 

Includes (SAVE 35%):

QTY: Professional Service Products
1 Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream (270ml)
1 De-Stress Tonic Potion (290ml)
1 Radiance Face Balm (125ml)
1 Glowing Face Gommage (230ml)
1 Awakening Face Moisturizer (125ml)
1 Calming Face Mask (230ml)
1 Age Defying Face Mask (230ml)
1 Winter Solstice Blend (30g)
1 Summer Solstice Blend (45g)
1 Velvet Body Fluid (500ml)
1 Ultra-Rich Body Oil (290ml)
1 Beautifying Body Peeling (400g)
QTY Retail Skincare Products
3 Perfect Skin Cleansing Cream - 75ml  -  Temp OOS
3 De-Stress Tonic Potion - 140ml 
3 Miracle Eye Complex - 20ml 
3 Radiance Face Balm - 50ml
3 Replumping Booster - 25ml 
3 Glowing Face Gommage - 75ml 
3 Awakening Face Moisturizer - 50ml 
3 Calming Face Mask - 75ml
3 Age Defying Face Mask - 75ml
3 Slim & Shape Booster - 25ml
3 Tone & Lift Booster - 25ml ($39.95pc)
3 Velvet Body Fluid
3 Fabulous Body Oil
Materia Soap

QTY: Promo Material + Tools
4 Wooden Eco Tube Holder 
20 Oway Eco-Bowler Retail Bag
20 Oway Tissue Paper Pack
2 OW Beauty Folder
1 Oway Owayans Collection Visual Poster (Blonde)
4 Beauty Treatments Bowl
14 Beauty Treatment Brush
2 Beauty Treatment Bag

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