[DISCONTINUED - DO NOT INVOICE] Oway Tricho-Analyzer: Hair + Scalp Microscope

[DISCONTINUED - DO NOT INVOICE] Oway Tricho-Analyzer: Hair + Scalp Microscope

Oway Tricho-Analyzer transforms your consultations and treatment services by providing an interactive, magnified view of the hair and scalp. It's innovative, micro video technology allows both professional and client to take a deeper look at issues plaguing the hair and scalp. 

Rather than telling your clients about their hair and scalp, now you can show them with a high resolution LCD monitor that can magnify up to 200x! Not only does this increase trust, but products and services can be recommended with absolute confidence.

  • ♥ Adjustable microscope can magnify hair and scalp up to 200x
  • ♥ Creates an interactive client-stylist experience to build trust and loyalty
  • ♥ Innovative, state-of-the-art technology sets your salon services and staff apart
  • ♥ Enhances stylist knowledge of the hair and scalp health, increasing correct product and treatment recommendations and client satisfaction

Key Ingredients
How to Use
Ensure microscope and LCD are plugged in. Place microscope to the clients scalp and problem areas. Focus your video by turning the adjustable knob on the microscope. Diagnose issues. Recommend product or treatment, then immediately show your clients visible results.

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