Oway Organic Way of Life Poster (Brunette)

Oway Organic Salon Poster

Communicate your salon's values and commitment to non-toxic beauty with an eye-catching Organic Way of Life Poster from Oway. Photographed is a striking brunette model on Oway's family farms in Bologna, Italy - insiders call it OrtOfficina. 

Her rich, healthy hair color and soft glow remind us of the importance of using organic salon products that respect the health of the hair, mind and body.

Size: 38.5 x 26.75"

Oway Wooden Frame NOT included

  • ♥ Gives an inside look into Oway's Biodynamic Farms
  • ♥ Displays the beautiful, healthy results achievable with Oway
  • ♥ Built in strong, cardboard stands allows it to be hung or stood up
  • ♥ Showcases your salon's values and commitment to organic beauty
Key Ingredients
Made from 100% strong, durable, eco-friendly cardboard
How to Use
Display in salon window, on a retail display table or on the wall to entice clients and onlookers to look deeper into your salon's Organic Way.



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