Oway Grooming Valentine's Day Gift Set For Him-JAN 2020 SPECIAL-DO NOT INVOICE

Grooming Gift Set

This Valentine's Day, give him the gift the of high quality, organic grooming featuring our new shaving products from our OW Men's Collection!

Made with Primordial Ingredients, Techno-Botanicals and farm grown Biodynamic-Organic Plants, these products will cleanse, strengthen and hydrate the face and skin.

Kit Includes 

  • 1 - Face & Beard Cleanser 150ml
  • 1 - Softening Shave Cream 100ml
  • 1 - Repairing Aftershave Balm 50ml
  • 1 - Lip & Beard Salve 30ml
  • 3 - OW Gifting Tissue Paper
  • 1 - Men Eco Bowler Matte Black Retail Bag
  • 1 - Linea Razor



Our OW Mens line is crafted with an extraordinary collection of ingredients that style, strengthen and nourish the hair, skin and scalp.

Made with Primordial Active Ingredients:

Found only in the most extreme habitats — like frozen tundras, explosive volcanoes and imposing mountains — these natural ingredients are the strongest, most effective elements in existence. Our OW Men’s line captures their extraordinary benefits, formulating them into products that deliver regenerating and strengthening benefits to the hair and scalp.

Made with Advanced Green Chemistry:

Green Chemistry is the perfection of science and nature. Our plant-based formulations boast advance techno-botanicals like phyto-peptides, plant stem cells and vegetable cellulose which deliver revolutionary benefits to the hair, skin and scalp.

Made with Biodynamic-Organic Plants:

We believe in using only the most ethical, eco-friendly and effective farming methods. OrtOfficina is our family-owned farm, tucked away in the rolling hills of Bologna, Italy. It’s where we grow our products’ botanicals in accordance with Biodynamic- Organic Farming Standards: maintain soil fertility, harvest healthy, effective plants and produce the highest quality ingredients.

Package Benefits:

  • • Grab & Go Retail Gift Set! Kit arrives with Matte Black Bag, Tissue Gifting Paper and Men's Consumer Brochure.

  • • Includes a complimentary set of our OW VERSO COMB and OW LINEA RAZOR. Each are expertly crafted with 100% Sustainable Stainless Steel and Aluminum in a stunning Satin Gold. LINEA's sleek, ergonomic design and double-edge safety benefits ensure a precise, comfortable shaving ritual.

Key Ingredients
RESURRECTION PLANT: It’s thought that the ability of these plants to survive such extreme dehydration is due to the presence of a sugar called trehalose. This molecule protects organisms from extreme conditions by stabilizing proteins and preserving cellular membranes. This has a regenerating, anti-oxidative, moisturizing, protective effect on the hair and skin.

Habitat: Mexican Desert

ORGANIC MAQUI: Also called Patagonian Blueberry, it is considered the most powerful super berry found in Nature. Contains delphinidin, which produces cellular energy and slows down the aging process.

Habitat: Patagonia.

ETHICAL BACURI BUTTER: Rich in vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants and minerals, it is extremely nourishing and natural emollient for the skin and hair.

Habitat: Rainforest.

ZEOLITE: Performs an anti-stress, re-mineralizing and detoxifying action. Particularly effective for sensitive skin.

Habitat: Volcanic Soils.

SIBERIAN GINSENG: Rich in phytonutrients that tone, brighten and energize the skin. Renown for its anti-aging benefits.

Habitat: Siberia and Mongolia.

BIOFERMENTS:They supply essential nutrients to the hair and skin. They strengthen the cellular cohesion of the tissues, making them more compact. They stimulate the repair and regeneration of the skin.

PHYTO-PEPTIDES:Due to its small molecular weight, this ingredient to deeply condition and restore the hair fiber. Its all-natural with a replumping and densifying action gives strength, volume and structure to the hair.

PLANT-DERIVED HYALURONIC ACID: Increases cell hydration, improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, densifies and compacts the skin.

PLANT STEM CELLS: This advanced ingredient, inhibits the action of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which triggers the reaction responsible for hair loss. They also stimulate the activity of dermal papilla cells, which are responsible for hair growth and strength.

How to Use
Assemble Kit. Display near high traffic areas such as retail areas and reception desk.