Oway Hcolor-Trendsetter-Full-Line-Salon-Package

Oway Hcolor Trendsetter Salon Package (FULL LINE - SAVE 25%!)


Oway Hcolor Trendsetter Package is a transformative package for salons ready to lead the way in our holistic beauty movement! You'll receive the full line of Oway Hcolor, Hsystem and a sampling of our best-selling organic styling and care products.

All with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Hcolor's nourishing plant butter base is formulated to reduce the risks of allergies and enhance the health of the hair, scalp and mind. Oway's Hsystem back bar products are expertly formulated with the proper pH to increase the health, shine and longevity of the hair after a technical service.

Our Trendsetter Package includes:

  • All 95¬†Hcolor Shades + Tone Boosters
  • 1 Hbleach Plant Butter Lightener
  • 1 Hypercolor Accelerator Drops
  • 2 Hcatayst 20vol
  • 2 Hcatalyst 30vol
  • 2 Hcatalyst 40vol
  • 2 Htone 9vol
  • 1 Hbalance Mask (Hsystem)
  • 1 Hbalance Shampoo (Hsystem)
  • 1 Hmilk No Stress (Hsystem)
  • 1 Hrestore Protein Spray (Hsystem)
  • 1 Htech Clarifying Shampoo (Hsystem)
  • 1 Hscreen (Hsystem)
  • 1 Simply Organic Color Brush
  • 1 Simply Organic Mixing Bowl
  • 1 Simply Organic Tube Key
  • 1 Simply Organic Cape
  • 1 Simply Organic Hair Color Scale
  • 1 Simply Organic Apron¬†
  • 1 Color Mixing Whisk
  • 1¬†Hcolor Benefits¬†Poster
  • 1 Holistic Hair Color Flyer Pack (20pc)
  • Oway Hcolor Manual
  • Oway Hcolor Swatch Book
Care Products:
    • 1 Color Protection Hair Bath (240ml)
    • 1 Color Protection Hair Mask (150ml)
    • 1 Frequent Use Hair and Scalp Bath (240ml)
    • 6 Remedy Hand Balms

    Styling Products:

    • 1 Glossy Nectar Serum (50ml)
    • 1 Flux Potion (240ml)
    • Volumizing Root Spray (160ml)
    • Sculpting Mist (160ml)

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    Note: One time purchase only. To customize your colors, please send us a message with your choices or email us at help@simplyorganicbeauty.com

    Package contents may vary based on availability. 

    • ‚ô• Achieves 100% grey coverage
    • ‚ô• 95 stunning, intermixable shades
    • ‚ô• Formulated to reduce the risks of allergies
    • ‚ô• Comes with a 30-day money back guarantee
    • ‚ô• Made with nourishing plant butters and pure essential oils
    • ‚ô• 100% Ammonia-Free for a pleasant, fume-free salon experience
    • ‚ô• Cruelty Free & Vegan
    Key Ingredients
    Biodynamic Hibiscus is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine for its powerful antioxidants and vitamins that prevent premature grey, discourages split end formation and promote new hair growth.

    Organic Cotton Proteins are rich in reparative Vitamin E and ceramides to bind the cuticle and cortex, adding strength, moisture and elasticity to the hair.

    Organic Perilla Oil is a pure essential oil from the mint family. It's rich in omega-3s that soothe and calms the scalp.

    Fair Trade Date Oil is ethically sourced from Burkina Faso to soften and nourish the hair, preventing moisture loss and dehydration.

    How to Use
    Mixing Ratio: Standard Mix: 1 to 1.5 (Color to Developer)
    Grey Coverage Mix: 1:1 (Color to Developer)

    Development Times:
    HTONE (9V / 2.7%) 30 MINS 0-1
    HCATALYST (20V / 6%) 30-35 MINS 1-2
    HCATALYST (30V / 6%)
    35-40 MINS 2-3
    HCATALYST (40V / 9%)
    40-45 MINS 3-4

    For Grey Coverage:
    30%-50% USE 25% BASE* & 75% TARGET SHADE 35-45 MINS
    OVER 50% USE 50% BASE* & 50% TARGET SHADE 45 MINS

    *BASE = .0 Natural or .01 Natural Ash Series

    Tech Tip: In times of very resistant hair, consider dropping your BASE (NATURAL) SHADE down 1 level.



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