O&M Mineral.CCT - 0/19 Ash Matte Tone Booster (3.5 oz)


0/19 is Original & Mineral's Ash Tone Booster. 

Compatible with O&M's Mineral CCT hair color line, Ash Matte can be used to further reduce orange and red tones in your hair color formulations.

O&M Mineral CCT™ Permanent Color delivers vibrant, healthy and long-lasting hair color without Ammonia, PPD or Gluten. 


  • ♥ Cancels Unwanted Orange/Red Tones
  • ♥ Ammonia-Free for a pleasant coloring experience
  • ♥ PPD-Free to reduce the risks of allergies
  • ♥ Gluten-Free to ensure celiac clients' needs are met
Key Ingredients
Illite Clay Mineral aids in color penetration, allowing micro pigment color molecules to permeate and saturate the hair.

Kaolin Clay Mineralworks as a strong protector, guarding against color fade, ensuring color longevity.

Montmorillionite Clay Mineral boosts the health of the scalp and hair, ensuring it stays in optimal condition while coloring.

Sunflower Seed Wax infuses moisture and shine, while Sweet Almond Oil gently moisturizes and protects the hair and scalp.

How to Use
Mixing Ratio:

  • Levels 2-7: 1:10 (Tone Booster to Color)
  • Levels 8-10: 1:20 (Tone Booster to Color)


  • All O&M Tone Boosters Live at Level 7
  • The maximum that can be added to any color is 1g (.03oz) to every 10g (.3oz) or a 1:10 ratio

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