Control Thermal 2 Twenty - 200ml Retail Size

Control Thermal 2 Twenty - 200ml Retail Size


Thermal 2 Twenty is a revolutionary new styling product, designed to protect hair up to temperatures of 220° C (428° F). Regular use of thermal styling tools such as flat and curling irons subject the hair to high temperatures which can damage the hair leaving it brittle and damaged. In addition, the proteins in hair can become unstable and the hair’s structure can be affected. Thermal 2 Twenty is designed to prevent such damage from occurring making the hair easier to comb and dry/straighten giving it a smooth, glossy finish.

Organic Connect

The Organic Connect range was launched to fulfill the need for specific products not included in the other Organic lines. Our company objective has always been to provide hair products which are as natural as possible. This ethos equally applies to the new Organic Connect range, which is a selection of highly effective care and styling products.



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