O&M Winter Hair Repair Service Kit [SAVE 25%]

O&M Winter Hair Repair Service Kit [SAVE 25%]

O&M Winter Hair Repair Salon Service Kit powered by natural Australian ingredients, these winter hair treatments are sure to bring client’s hair back to life. Cold, dry air, harsh weather, and everything that comes with it can make hair dehydrated and more prone to breakage than the warmer months. Add one of our O&M treatment services to combat these effects. 

  • Life of the Party: O&M Volume + Shine Shot Treatment. Repair fine, flat hair and add volume and body to your tresses.
  • Shiny + Bright: O&M Smooth + Shine Shot Treatment. Protect your locks to make them stronger, healthier, shinier and prevent further damage.
  • Holiday Hair Fix: O&M CØR.restore Treatment. You can expect your hair to repair, rebuild, strengthen and hydrate during this service - thanks to the reparative blend of amino acids and pure organic ingredients.

Projected Revenue: With the slower salon months of January + February in mind, these add-ons are ideal for increasing service prices, in-turn boosting salon sales! Each suggested add-on service price is $25-30.  

Potential Revenue at the Bowl: $3,682.00

  • Life of the Party [36 services] = to $1,080
  • Shiny + Bright [36 services] = to $1,080
  • Holiday Hair Fix [75 services] = to $2000

Service Kit Includes: [SAVINGS of 25%]

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