O&M Ammonia Free Pearl Blue Powder Lightener (1kg) - limited quantities

O&M Ammonia Free Pearl Blue Powder Lightener (1kg) - limited quantities

O&M's Pearl Blue Lightener is an ammonia free, powder-based lightener enriched with the soothing properties of aloe vera. Pearl Blue also contains clay minerals Kaolin to guard against color fade, and Montmorillonite to protect the skin and hair. It's gentle, effective formulation provides 1-7 levels of lift and be used on and off the scalp. 


  • ♥ Ammonia-Free
  • ♥ Aloe Vera Protects & Soothes Sensitive Scalps
  • ♥ Versatile Lightener for Modern or Classic Lightening Techniques
  • ♥ Clay Mineral Complex Protects Skin & Hair
Key Ingredients
Potassium Persulfate is used in place of ammonium persulfate, providing a fume-free, pleasant salon experience.

Aloe Vera soothes and protects the scalp from irritation.

Kaolin Clay Mineral strengthens and protects hair against fading.

Montmorillonite Clay Mineral boosts the health of the hair and scalp, ensuring both remain protected and healthy.
How to Use
Mixing Ratio:

1.7 - 2oz of O&M Developer to 1 Scoop of O&M Lightener *

*Depending on desired consistency


For on-scalp lightening: No more than 20 vol is recommended. Using a plastic wrap or cap is advised to lock in moisture.

Processing longer than 50mins is not recommended

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