O&M Demi Liquid.CCT Power User Package - SAVE 67%

180 Liquid.CCT Hair Colors 

Six Each
Liquid.CCT Demi 0/0 CLear Gloss, 16oz  

12 each
Liquid.CCT Activator:

2.2% Activator Liquid 7.5v, 950ml

Plus these complimentary products:

Liter Pumps for Backbar 

Three each:
Mixing Bowl, Tint Brush, Apron, Cutting Cape, Heart Color Mixing Whisk

One each:
Hydrate & Conquer Shampoo 1L, Hydrate & Conquer Condi oner 1L, Original Detox Shampoo 1L, Original Detox Condi oner 1L, Seven Day Miracle Treatment 1L, Power Base Treatment 1L

Digital Scale, Mineral CCT Color Guide, Mineral CCT Color Flower, Color Bible (Technical Manual), Info Pack and the ”One Sheet”.



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