Holistic Hair Stylist Pin Buttons (Pack of 4)

Holistic Hair Stylist Pin Buttons (Pack of 4)

Holistic Hair Flair

Show off your Holistic Hair Tribe philosophy and pride with our collectible set of pins. Each pin is ethically designed with our No Harm Mantra in mind. 

  • Holistic Hair Tribe // a community of beauty professionals who practice care for the health of hair, scalp, mind, body and planet.
  • Beauty . Wellness . Sustainability // core values of the Holistic Hair Stylist.
  • Cruelty-Free // our promise to never use animal tested products or ingredients.
  • Simply Organic // purveyors of the HolisticHairTribe™ products, community and education. 

Size: 1 inch each x 4 pins

Instagram inspiration from our holistic Hair Tribe



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