10 Volume Naturlite Cream Activator 3% - 900 ml

10 Volume Naturlite Cream Activator 3% - 900 ml

This cream activator is is made with the purist 100% pharmaceutical-grade peroxide and used for lifting 1 shade. Organic Color Systems Cream Activators contain a conditioning agent and are designed to be used with Naturlite, which works at a higher pH. Cream Activators also work better with resistant grey hair for colors. Our Cream Activators are designed to give choice and versatility and are available in 3% (10 Vol), 6% (20 Vol), 9% (30 Vol), and 12% (40 vol).

The Cream Activators have a thicker consistency and can be mixed with each other to achieve incremental (in between) volume levels with a thicker consistency, or with any of our liquid activators to produce a thinner consistency at incremental (in between) volume levels.



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