Hydro-dhara Set


Hydro-dhara Set

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Oway Hydrodhara Set is deeply rooted in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. A gentle flow of water relieves nervous tension, stress and delivers nutrients to the hair and scalp. It provides a 5 minute in-salon experience and service to relax the mind and regenerate the hair and scalp.

Use with Oway Flowerfall and a custom mix of your favorite Oway Wellness Essential Oil Blends for a holistic beauty and wellness treatment for the hair, scalp and mind! 

Set Contains:

- Hydrodhara Glass Dispenser, Arm and Stand.

Measurements: Stand 62", Bar 27" Base 16"

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  • ♥ Deeply relaxes the body and mind
  • ♥ Relieves the body of stress and tension by indirectly stimulating the pituitary gland: the center of health and well-being.
  • ♥ Enhances the delivery of nutrients to the hair and scalp
  • ♥ Provides holistic salons and spas a transformative experience and service that aligns health, beauty and wellness.
  • ♥ Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity
Made from 100% high quality glass and aluminum.
After the hair has been washed and conditioned with your chosen hair bath/shampoo, create your custom wellness concoction in your Oway Flowerflask 1000ml. Add 500ml of lukewarm-hot water. Add 30ml of Oway Flowerfall to mix.

Add a maximum of 6 drops of your selected Oway Wellness Essential Oil Blends based on the requirements of the client's hair, scalp and mind. Choose from Oway Strengthening Essential Oil Blend, Oway Relaxing Essential Oil Blend, and/or Oway Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend. Use your Oway Flower Funnel to transfer Oway Flowerflask mix into the HYDRODHARA SET.

2) Carefully adjust the valve of the separating funnel so as to obtain a slow constant flow.

3) Position the HYDRODARA SET so that the flow falls on the hairline, in the forehead area. Let the compound flow until it runs out (around 5 minutes). The lukewarm-hot compound that flows in this area stimulates, by indirect action, the pituitary gland, located at the centre of the forehead, seat of intuition, spirituality and well-being.

4) Dry hair. Style as usual.

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Genie C.
Hydrodhara review

My clients love the hydrodhara, and the experience that they have while receiving the service.

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