Oway Hbleach Butter Cream Lightener


Say goodbye to harsh fumes and dusty lightening powders!

Oway Hbleach is the first-ever ammonia-free cream lightener infused with three pure essential oils and nourishing Kukui Butter. Gentle and versatile, it's beautiful, controllable consistency makes it ideal for balayage techniques, highlighting and on-scalp lightening. Finally, one lightener to rule them all!

Comfortably lifts hair 1-6 levels with little to no damage.

Size: 17oz // 500g

cruelty-free-hair-lightener gluten-free-hair-lightener

  • ♥ Ammonia-Free, Fume-Free Salon Experience
  • ♥ Great for Balayage, Highlighting & On-Scalp Lightening
  • ♥ Gentle Formula Softens & Protects Hair From Damage
  • ♥ Lavender Essential Oils Comforts & Calms Sensitive Scalps
Key Ingredients
Kukui Butter makes up the base of Hbleach. This nourishing plant butter protects and strengthens the hair and scalp's defenses against moisture loss and damage.

Organic Perilla Essential Oil is from the mint family. With more omega-3 fatty acids than flax or hemp seed, this precious oil soothes and comforts the scalp, while polishing the cuticle.

Biodynamic Lavender Essential Oil is cherished for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. It comforts even the most sensitive scalps, while regenerating and restoring the hair and scalp's delicate hydrolipid balance.

Fair Trade Date Oil Ethically sourced from Burkina Faso, this oil is rich in oleic acid, helping to soften and moisturize the hair. Prevents hair loss by binding with the hair's keratin to strengthen and restore at the root.
How to Use
Hbleach's gentle, yet effective formula makes it ideal for hand-painting techniques, highlighting or on-scalp lightening.

Mixing Instructions:

2:1 (developer to Hbleach) For accuracy, please use a scale.

*Note: Due to Hbleach's innovative plant butter blend, it is only compatible with Oway illipe butter-based developers.

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