Simply Organic Smoothing Keratin Treatment Spray Pump

Simply Organic Smoothing Keratin Treatment Spray Pump

keratin treatment spray pump

The most effective way to apply your Simply Organic Smoothing Keratin Treatment! It's easy-to-use spray trigger reduces product waste and produces a fine mist that perfectly saturates the hair during your non-toxic keratin treatment service.

Features a lock tab which prevents premature expiration of product.

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  • ♥ Produces a fine mist for perfect hair saturation
  • ♥ Lock on and off tab preserves product integrity
  • ♥ Reduces product waste and treatment service errors

Key Ingredients
How to Use
Remove Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment cap. Replace with Treatment Pump and securely fasten. When product is not in use, be sure to that lock tab is on.

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