Oway Hmelt Unicorn Package (SAVE 30%)


You'll receive the full Oway Hmelt color collection - complete with all 9 Hmelt Pigments and exclusive suite of technical and marketing materials to successfully launch and use Hmelt in your salon space.

1 Each Hmelt Pigment:

  • Mysterious Purple (50ml)
  • Green Harmony (50ml)
  • Blue Charm (50ml)
  • Playful Rose (50ml)
  • Red Energy (50ml)
  • Sunny Orange (50ml)
  • Divine Gold (50ml)
  • Glamour Copper Gold (50ml)
  • Authentic Chestnut (50ml)

1 each:

  • Htone Developer 9vol
  • Hbright Brightening Fluid 540ml
  • Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment (500ml)

    Technical Tools & Marketing Materials:

    • 1 - Hmelt Chromatic Color Chart (Swatch Book)
    • 1 - Hbright Technical Folder (Manual)
    • 1 - Hmelt Technical Folder (Manual)
    • 1 - Hmelt Application Guide
    • 1 - 500ml pump
    • 2 - Oway Eco-Straw Color Mixing Bowl
    • 2 - Oway Eco-Straw Color Application Brush

    • Introductory 30% Discount: Our Oway Hmelt Unicorn Package offers the complete lineup of Oway Hmelt professional and retail products, technical tools and marketing materials—basically, everything you need for success with the industry's newest, non-toxic fashion color line.
    • Trendy Without Compromise: This versatile collection fulfills the demand for trending fashion colors without compromising your commitment to holistic beauty and wellness.
    • Versatile + Valuable: Whether you're creating vivid fashion tones, light pastels or rebalancing hair color, Oway Hmelt pigments are dynamic and completely customizable. Plus, each 50ml bottle provides on average 50 color applications!
    • Alchemic Artistry Meets Exceptional Service: This package contains all 6 Oway Hmelt Masks! These hair color conditioners revive and prolong hair color results at home, and can even be customized with Oway Hmelt Pigments to tailor to your client's unique color needs!
    Key Ingredients

    An Important Note: Ingredients may change. For the most current ingredient list, please check your packaging. Any slight variation in the aspect of the product is due to the natural raw materials in the formula and does not affect the quality.

    How to Use

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