Oway Duetto Kit: Pet Shampoo & Bowl

Organic Dog Shampoo + Non-Toxic Pet Bowl

The perfect pack of holistic pet products, our Oway Duetto Kit is a sustainably packaged gift set including DUETTO - our organic dog shampoo and IMPRONTA - our 100% handmade, ceramic pet bowl. 

Oway DUETTO is our natural dog wash uniquely created for both dogs and their owners! Its rich, effective formula includes an extraordinary collection of highly effective, pH-balanced ingredients: Biodynamic Verbena, Organic Althaea, Ethical Acai and Plaintains work in harmony to deeply cleanse, nourish and refresh the skin and coat of our furry friends.

Oway IMPRONTA is our 100% non-toxic, ceramic pet bowl handmade by expert ceramic artisans in Faenza, Italy. Inside IMPRONTA is a natural enamel finish, perfect for keeping either pet food or water free from bacteria and toxins common to plastic pet bowls. 


  • 1 - Oway DUETTO [Dog Shampoo] 240ml
  • 1 - Oway IMPRONTA Ceramic Pet Bowl
  • 1 - Sustainably Crafted Gift Box 

  • • A purifying and nourishing bath for both dog and owner!
  • • Deeply cleanses pups coat while soothing irritated and itchy skin.
  • • Perfectly balanced pH for a formula that is compatible with both canine coat and human skin.
  • • Delicate fragrance that is pleasant to you and your furry friends sensitive sense of smell.
  • • Deep cleansing that leaves the dog’s coat of fur shiny and soft and your skin smooth and bright.
  • • Packaged in infinitely recyclable, luxurious amber glass to protect ingredient integrity.

    Does Not Contain:
  • ✕ Parabens
  • ✕ SLS / SLES
  • ✕ GMOs
  • ✕ Petroleum
  • ✕ Phthalates
  • ✕ Synthetic Fragrance
  • ✕ PEGs, PPGs & BGs
  • ✕ Artificial Colorants
Key Ingredients
Biodynamic Verbena is a perennial plant with multiple properties. It provides nourishment and promotes the balance of the hydro-lipid layer and the strengthening of connective tissue. It regenerates skin, in particular oily types.

Organic Althaea is rich in mucilage, widely recognized for its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Althaea soothes and protects.

Ethical Açai is harvested in the Amazon forest. Called the “fruit of life", it has protective, anti-ageing and regenerating properties for the skin. Gives shine and hydration.

Plantain is a herbaceous botanical species. It is particularly suitable to treat delicate skin, thanks to its emollient, soothing and refreshing properties.
How to Use
FOR THE DOG’S COAT: Emulsify the product with a little lukewarm water and apply uniformly on wet coat. Massage and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.

SPECIAL GROOMING: To give dogs an experience of pure spa-worthy wellness, we recommend emulsifying the product with a little warm water inside a bowl and thoroughly sponging the dog’s coat. In addition to being particularly pleasant, these steps offer the best results in terms of coat softness and brightness.

FOR THE HUMAN BODY: Massage on wet skin and rinse. Use anytime you want to share the quality and effectiveness of Duetto with your four-legged friend!

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