Oway Hcolor Technical Manual

Oway Manual: Hcolor, Hsystem + Hbleach

Oway's Hcolor Manual is an essential tool for any holistic hair colorist looking to master Hcolor, Hsystem and Hbleach. Within it's pages, stylists are introduced to the Organic Way of Color and will find useful information like, ingredient education, mixing ratios, processing times and the Hcolor Wheel.

Size: 8.5 x 11.5" (26 pages)

  • ♥ Ultimate resource for colorists looking to succeed with Oway Hcolor
  • ♥ Contains Hcolor Color Wheel + Notes Section
  • ♥ Includes mixing ratios, processing times and ingredient education
  • ♥ Fully educates stylists on the Organic Way of Color
Key Ingredients
Made from 100% eco-friendly paper and ink.
How to Use
Whether you're a seasoned colorist or just beginning your career, this manual will be essential to your success with Oway Hcolor, Hbleach and Hsystem.

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